Kim Jong-Crypto

Welcome to Kim-Jong Un, on the blockchain...
This is a blockchain dApp dedicated to the fearless, god-born, sun-king, lion-man, supreme ruler of the Hermit Kingdom.
A Kim Jong-Un approved dApp


Collect Kims

Blockchain collectibles & NFT's are the future. Collect CryptoKim tokens and prepare for a viral blastwave the world has never seen before!


Kim Jong-Crypto tokens are ERC-20 compliant NFT's (non-fungible tokens). They are collectible, and tradeable.


Kim Jong-Un is a polarizing figure around the world. Whether you respect the fearless leader or not, these Crypto Kims are a work of art. Collect them, and be a part of a VIRAL movement.


We set out to bring Ethereum tokens and smart contract application to the popular masses. With Kim Jong-Crypto, anyone can be involved in the crypto world.